So Appreciated!!!!

Words can’t express how much I appreciate all of your support.  I have received so many emails wanting to know when the sequel will be out.  I had no idea that so many would connect to Jada, Donnell and some of the other characters in Love No Limit.

I want to thank you for your patience and let you know that you will not have to wait much longer.  I am excited to hear your feed back on Gotta Believe.  I will let you know as the time gets closer just how the vision of this book came to me. 

In the mean time keep sending me emails with your questions and feedback and also, please continue to encourage your friends and family to purchase Love No Limit so that will be ready for Gotta Believe.  I love you and appreciate your support.  Take care!  Tootles!!

About L. A. Logan

L. A. Logan is an inevitable success in the literary world. In discovering L.A. Logan, you have yet to taste the brilliance of a debut literary diva and romance novelist. Her first novel, Love No Limit received great reviews (4½ out of 5 stars) from Rawsistaz Book Club and was a huge success. Lynnell’s passion runs deep for reading, writing and for her faith in God that has brought her this far on her journey. Her writings reflect authentic experience, comedy, and suspense, and are very relational to everyone, regardless of gender or cultural background.
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