Calling All Books Clubs for 2013


Select the Love No Limit series for your club meeting and leave a review on,, and

Your book club will be entered into a drawing to receive lunch on L. A. Logan ($100.00 maximum).

Rules: Book Club MUST post reviews on at least one (or more) of the above sites listed.  All winners will be notified via email and will be announced on L. A. Logan’s website and social media sites.  L. A. Logan will attend the luncheon based on her availability.  (Gift card will be sent via US Mail if she is not able to attend).

About L. A. Logan

L. A. Logan is an inevitable success in the literary world. In discovering L.A. Logan, you have yet to taste the brilliance of a debut literary diva and romance novelist. Her first novel, Love No Limit received great reviews (4½ out of 5 stars) from Rawsistaz Book Club and was a huge success. Lynnell’s passion runs deep for reading, writing and for her faith in God that has brought her this far on her journey. Her writings reflect authentic experience, comedy, and suspense, and are very relational to everyone, regardless of gender or cultural background.
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