Gotta Believe is officially available today!  Please order your copy now.  Also, to those of you who attended the book release, THANK YOU!!!! I can’t wait to hear your feedback on GOTTA BELIEVE!  Tootles.

About L. A. Logan

L. A. Logan is an inevitable success in the literary world. In discovering L.A. Logan, you have yet to taste the brilliance of a debut literary diva and romance novelist. Her first novel, Love No Limit received great reviews (4½ out of 5 stars) from Rawsistaz Book Club and was a huge success. Lynnell’s passion runs deep for reading, writing and for her faith in God that has brought her this far on her journey. Her writings reflect authentic experience, comedy, and suspense, and are very relational to everyone, regardless of gender or cultural background.
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4 Responses to Finally!

  1. Ms. Kookie says:

    In me, you have a fan for life! You have tapped into the gift God has give you! I know in my spirit that your books will change the lives of many! May God continue to bless your mind, spirit, and soul with writing!

    Love no Limit…I absolutely enjoyed! And when you told me that you were writing the next book…well, I was forced to be patient! LoL! I know you can’t rush a masterpiece!

    Gotta Believe…YOU HAVE DONE IT AGAIN…It’s like dajavu! I can bearly wait to get to the next page! I was at the book signing, which was awesome- even the cake! 😉
    Girl, before I left the event, I was done with the first three chapters ready to post up and just read the entire book! No worries Ms LA Logan…You’ve got another masterpiece! I’m already loving the first two characters!

    I’m on the computer and not reading now, simply because I promised to write…well, I think I’ve written enogh for now…I’m out, I have to get back to Gotta Believe!

    Your writing to me is…Classy Drama! LOVE IT!!!!


    Tana ‘Ms Kookie’ Hubbert

  2. LaVonna says:

    I lost some sleep earlier this week because I didn’t want to stop reading Love No Limit I was up past midnight finishing the book. Wow! The ending caught me totally off gaurd. Now it’s Friday night and I’m ready to curl up with Gotta Believe. Thank goodness I don’t have to get up early in the morning, because if the 1st couple of chapters are anything to go by I won’t be putting this book down either.

  3. LaVonna says:

    Gotta Believe had me racing through the pages just like Love No Limit did. When you pick up the book don’t expect to put it down until you’ve reached the last page.

  4. Zakiyyah Robbins says:

    Well all I have to say is that God is so good and deserves all the praise!!! Gotta Believe is the BOMB!!!! I am so hooked that I need another book real soon because you left me hanging!! I am true fan for life and every book you publish I will be reading. I can not wait to see you on Oprah’s book of the month. I know God can and he will. I will always be praying for you and your continued success. Be Blessed

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