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Author L. A. Logan was inspired to start Empowering Women From Passion to Purpose after an enlightening discovery while visiting with a woman she had known all her life.  It was in July 2012 when she was on summer vacation in the place she was born and raised, Topeka, KS. L.A. was making her rounds, when she stopped by Mother Fern Williams’ home for a visit.  Mother Williams was the president of the Mother’s Board at the church L.A. grew up in and had been very influential in her life.  As a child L.A. spent a lot of quality time at Mother Williams’ home. 

During this particular summer visit home, Mother Williams was doing what L. A. always knew her to do, fundraising.  During this visit she had several fundraisers going on in an effort to help the youth department underwrite an upcoming trip.  Mother Williams was notorious for helping the youth raise funds so parents hardly had to come out pocket for trips.  Of all of the items Mother Williams had to choose from, it was the crocheted potholders that caught L.A.'s attention.  The potholders were purple and white and very well made.  L. A. felt honored to help and have the opportunity to give back as she remembered Mother Williams raising funds for her when she was in the Youth Department. Admiring the quality and craftiness of the potholders, L. A. asked Mother Williams who made them.  To her surprise Mother Williams said, "I did".  L.A. examined the potholders again while being completely amazed that Mother Williams had an awesome talent she had hidden all those years. L.A. gladly purchased two sets and for the rest of the visit they discussed the rest of Mother Williams hidden talents.

The visit left L. A. thinking about how women possess so many talents, but fail to share them with the world. Women constantly pour into others’ passions, while denying their own.  L.A. felt compelled to develop a platform that would allow women to be inspired and empowered to share their passion with purpose along with networking opportunities. She believed in women working together and encouraging one another.

After much prayer, the Lord gave his blessing and told L.A. the brunch would cross state lines, would draw women closer, and would grow each year.   In January 2013, L.A. contacted one of her mentors, Arnessa Bennett, who agreed to support the empowerment vision.  Also in January, L.A. had her first meeting with Tana Belcher, Vivian Thomas, Tevia Adams, Angela Winston, and Vernessia Bryant who helped set the date and plan the very first Empowerment Brunch.

The first brunch was held April 20th, 2013 in Little Rock, AR and the first keynote speakers were Best Selling Author, Michelle Stimpson and Sheena Lewis, founder of Diva's Inc.  The women were empowered to turn their passion into purpose and were already excited about attending the event the follow year.

Since the inception of Empowering Women From Passion to Purpose, the event has crossed state lines and is being hosted in different states and cities. Attendance has increased each year with countless women embracing their passion and turning it into purpose. L.A. stands by the philosophy of "There is no stopping a woman who has girl power holding her up from the back".

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