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Jada Edwards has been in love with Donnell McDaniels since they were in junior high... then there is the new man, Mont. With everything else, Jada also decides to re-dedicate her life to Christ!

Not to worry -- everything will work out.

But who will Jada choose?

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DeVonte is a successful surgeon with his own practice. He is secretly in love with Beverly, who is also a successful surgeon and a partner in his practice. Beverly was mentioned in Love No Limit (she is a member of Jada's church). She is convinced that love will not overlook her past.

Jada is dealing with the death of Mother Albright along with fighting for her freedom. She is desperate to know why she is being accused of the multiple murders and attempted murders that have taken place in her home town of Topeka, KS. Just when Jada does not think her life can get any more complicated, she is thrown a curve ball that makes her question everyone she trusted and believed in.

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The third book, entitled Round & Round, is NOW AVAILABLE!! Be prepared to find out who is planning to say “I do.” Will it be Jada or Beverly? Has Jada finally given Mont a fighting chance or has she moved on to a bigger and better fish in the sea? Did DeVonte win the woman of his dreams or continue his search for love? When the smoke clears will there really be a wedding?

Also, Round & Round introduces Ms. Kavanaugh Forte, a beautiful vixen that is doing all she can to turn Jamie Stanley, a successful NFL quarterback, and his wife Sheila, a college dropout who's only responsibility is to stay home and take care of their kids, a run for their money. Will Jamie and Sheila be able to shake Kavanaugh or will she shake them to the point of no return?

So many questions! Round & Round will have all the answers! You think you may know, but you have no idea...

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First Lady Ebonie Hawkins-O’Hare has more on her spiritual plate than she can handle. Being a pastor’s wife is not the glamorous life people seem to think it is. Pastor O’Hare has all the makings of being the next mega pastor in the city he has called home all of his life.

Just as there appears to be no way out, an opportunity of a lifetime presents itself to the pastor and wife that provides a way of escape from the unhappy relationship they have learned to coexist in.

Adriana Maxwell, a young woman with a plan, had once considered herself to be the luckiest girl in the world. But suddenly to have it all come to an abrupt halt had her struggling to pick up the broken pieces.

Hershel West’s philandering ways have caught up with him yet again. He is more than capable of talking his way out of the situation and convincing Adriana to stay, but the question remains, does he want to?

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Valerie Ann Newton is your typical girl next door who has always been a hard worker, while following all the golden rules of life. She strives to keep her world in perfect order by keeping God first, and being loyal to family and friends while pursuing her dreams.

Valerie’s love interest, Franklin Rhone, a fire fighter, has his own personal aspirations and goals, which at times don’t seem to include her.

With all else Valerie has going on, she’s also covering the mysterious disappearance of a close friend. This brings back memories of experiences she has struggled with for many years. Determined not to allow distractions to derail her goals, she ventures into a world so dark that it causes her to lose sight of what is important and within divine order.

With each new clue Valerie uncovers, she begins to realize those she loves and trusts the most may have committed the ultimate betrayal.

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The teachers and administrators at William Hall High Charter School in Austin, Texas have more love triangles going than the students they were hired to teach. With each secret affair that’s discovered, it becomes apparent that each employee has a taste for the finer things in life and most are willing to do whatever it takes to obtain it. But under the name brand tags are many broken pieces that refuse to be held together by material things.

Naylor Jones stops at nothing to have the latest in high fashion as well as her fair share of the male faculty on the staff at her school. Craig Spencer, Donavon Austin and Jerome Johnson are all caught up in Naylor’s web of deception.

Brazil Smith, a new teacher on the block, is giving Naylor a run for her money. She’s beautiful, smart, and secretly contending for the same promotion Naylor has applied for.

Layla Massey has wandered through life aimlessly after flunking out in love. When she decides to take a substitute teaching job at William High to get her family off her back, she gets more than she bargained for.

Whitney Maxton is the newly appointed principal and the former best friend to Naylor. When Whitney is forced to bring order to the dysfunctional school she is now in charge of, things seem to get worse when scandal after scandal is uncovered.


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